yes he's my worst ex

hey folks! i'm gonna tell you a little story about me and my friend.
again and again i'm gonna re-tell you about him. yeah mr giorgio
yesterday she(my friend) got this message from her friend. 
(read this inside your heart and you'll feel the same feeling as she and me)

does it hurt ? missing someone who doesnt miss or ever think about you at all ?

does it hurt when you think about all the times u've spent together with that person while that person doesnt think about it at all ?
and that won't be repeated again

every girl apparently have their own character but i know that every girl who has been dumped by his boyfriend (now ex) will feel the same way as she and me. and for you all that has been dumped by someone you love too much i have a little suggestion (try this) :
after read this, you can signing out every social network that you have been runing for, turn off you phone, after that kiss your whole family and say good night to them after that go lying on your own bed and say this magic words deeply inside your heart ; you (the boy name) are the fool one who let me go. JERK you!
and in the next morning you'll find that he's the fool who let you go

dedicated to kurara-my crazy tabblemate


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