lovelife part 3

my heart say YES but my head say NO

isn't it weird? i am two-face aka hypocrite. but it's fact, i was wondering that my lame-freakin-relationship with him isn't a GAME. but after all, it was just a GAME. in this GAME, we hv rule; looser will say those three-magic-words first and maybe looser will get hurt. ok fine, i say those three-magic-words first, FOR GOD SAKE! i said it coz i'm tired of this stuff. he always make me take care of him, even he didn't care of himself. anything i do, is always gonnabe lame-useless. so why i must keep this relation? maybe i want "us" can be like the other normal couple. hahah, so poor lil vinny. keep it on ur mind boy! did u ever give me shoulder to cry? did u ever says those three-magic-words? did u ever tell me bout ur problem? maybe i'm just moroon girl, who always support everything u did, do, and done. gw jg ga mau maen tarik-ulur lgi am lu. hahah. sudahilah permainan ini sayangg, it's over!

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